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We met each other through mutual friends, Philip and Ester (bridesmaid) in Menlo Park, California. Martin met Philip in a pub in Palo Alto ("The Nuthouse"), and Genevieve met Philip and Ester at the Stanford Urology Christmas party. With these initial seeds lain, our first meeting was in 2000 at a St. Patrick's Day party hosted by Philip and Ester. Martin wore his kilt, because he tends to do that kind of thing. Genevieve was a little taken aback by this though because his kilt tartan was the same pattern as her elementary school uniform.

Overcoming this small obstacle, we dated for a few months until Genevieve decided that we should break up (also at The Nuthouse) because she somehow inferred from one of Martin's earnest ramblings that he was merely looking for a wife. Anyway, after a couple of weeks apart – along with a shared near-death experience white-water rafting down the middle fork of the American river – Genevieve came to her senses and we got back together again.

Five and a half fabulous years ticked by, punctuated with trips off to exotic corners of the planet and increasingly peppered with many subtle (and many more unsubtle) hints from friends and family about matrimony. Then, finally, Martin popped the question in November 2005 while we were dining at a French restaurant in Menlo Park; the location of our first date. Genevieve's answer is probably readily apparent to you by this stage. Clearly, Martin's devious long-term plan to find a wife eventually paid off!