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This is our on-line guest book, where friends and family can leave us choice words of wisdom, congratulations, or incredulity on the news of our engagement. If you are a friend or family of Martin and Genevieve then please feel free to Contact Us with some text to include here.

Uncle Kelly & Aunt Etsuko - 19 Mar 2007

Hontou ni watashi tachi wa anata no kekkonsuki shiyawase desu. Omedetou gozaimasu.. Etsuko to watashi wa kekkonsuki ikimasu. 23 nichi no 5 gatsu Edinburgh ni ikimasu. Hotel wa Royal British anata no tokoro chikai desu. Martin san, Genevieve san hontou ni kokoro kara anata tachi dai suki desu. Watashi tachi taihen ureshii desu.

Ojisan Kelly and Obasan Etsuko

We are so happy that both of you are finally going to have your wedding. Congratulations. Etsuko and I are coming to your wedding. We will be in Edinburgh on the 23rd of May. Our hotel is the Royal British near the castle. Martin, Genevieve, from our heart we both love you - take care. We are both happy for the two of you.

Uncle Kelly and Aunt Etsuko

Miguel, Sonia, and Nicolas Boeres - 18 Jan 2007

Primeiramente nossos Parabéns! Em Portugues, nossa lingua mãe. Como poucos entenderão, segue uma mensagem em inglês.

You both will entertain your guests after the wedding in a real and royal castle, in a country that has inspired many curiosities and created stories in peoples minds all over the world, like the monster of the Lock Ness, highlands or men in skirts, ops, sorry, kilts :-) Castles remind us of Cinderella and Snow White, and our wish is not only that your wedding be like a fairy tale for both of you, but we wish also that your life, as husband and wife, will be a true and happy modern fairy tale! There will be days when the prince will be in bad mood, other days the princess will have a bad hair day (is it possible for Genevieve?), there will also be moments when witches will try to disturb you, but dont worry, all these will come and go, and your relationship will only get stronger as long as you work and desire it - and we know that both of you do. Finally, like in fairy tales, we wish you live "happily every after."

Prof. Dr. F.I.S. Medina, III - 30 Aug 2006

Minamahal naming Genevieve at Martin,

Nagagalak kaming malaman na handang-handa na kayo sa inyong pag-iisang dibdib. Ako at inyong Tiya Fe at mga pinsang sina Yael, Aryeh, at Tal ay bumabati sa inyong dalawa ng isang masayang pagsasama na nawa’y maging punung-puno ng pagmamahalan at sana’y magkaruon kayo ng tamang bilang ng anak na ninanais ninyo.
Aming dalawa ni Tiya Fe ninyo ang siyang pupunta diyan para masaksihan ang araw ng inyong pag-iisang dibdib. MAZAL TOV! Tiya FE at Tiyo Isagani at mga pinsan Yael, Aryeh at Tal

Tita Lallie et Uncle Tony - 18 Aug 2006

Chers Geneeh et Martin,
Je te remercie de ta email qui est arrivee hier apres midi.

Alors, c’est avec grand plaisir que nous avons appris votre marriage a mai 2007 a Ecosse,toutes nous felicitations et tous nos voeux de bonheur! Nous sommes impatient de faire dans attendre de tu voir.

Bon baisers
Tita Lallie et Uncle Tony

Ps. Let me know about your next Atlanta trip so that I can organize the dinner for you . Also , think about some friends of yours that I may include to the guest list.

Tita Lallie

Karen and Hannes Jelinek - 18 Aug 2006

Liebe Genevieve, lieber Martin!

Wir werden nächstes Jahr am 26. Mai im Balmoral Hotel sein um den großen Tag - Euren großen Tag - mitzuerleben. Ihr seid für einander bestimmt und sicher habt Ihr viele glückliche gemeinsame Jahre vor Euch. Danke, dass Ihr die Hochzeit in Edinburgh feiert; dieses Mal müssen wir nur über den Kanal und nicht über den Atlantik.

Liebe Grüße, Tante Karen und Onkel Hannes

We are going to be at the Balmoral Hotel on the 26th of May next year to witness the big day when the two of you join people like us who are happy and blessed to share our lives in marital bliss. You were meant for each other and for sure you will have lots of fun together for many, many years. Thank you for deciding to have your wedding in Edinburgh because it is closer to Vienna than San Francisco. This way we only need to cross the channel and not the Atlantic Ocean.

Take care. Love, Tita Karen and Uncle Hannes

Carmen and Joe Bendersky - 12 Aug 2006

Mahal naming pamangkin Geneeh at Martin,

Maligayang bati sa inyong darating na pag-iisang dibdib. Kami rito sa Richmond ay lubusang natutuwa at nagagalak para sa inyong dalawa. Ang aming taos pusong bati ay maraming pag-mamahal at ginhawa sa buhay mag-pakailan man!

Maraming halik at yakap----- Ang nag-mamahal, Tita Carmen at Uncle Joe

We are very glad to hear of your wedding, which is going to be a very beautiful event, and we look forward to joining your celebration next year. All the best for a wonderful life together! Aunt Carmen and Uncle Joe

Erly V. Rabor - 11 Aug 2006

Congratulations to both of you. We are excited in your wedding. Chicagoans wants to attend but still undecided, we’ll let you know.

Ed and Cynthia - 11 Aug 2006

Kami ay nagagalak at taos pusong bumabati sa inyong darating na pag-iisang dibdib. Patnubayan kayo ng Diyos sa inyong pagsasama bilang mag-asawa.

We are extremely happy and wholeheartedly greet you on your future wedding. May the Lord guide you in your union as husband and wife.

"Two by two love links true hearts around the world. Certain people just seem made to find each other because they understand and believe in each other. They fill in each other’s needs and support each other’s dreams."

Jennifer & Travis - 9 Aug 2006

Hey you guys, We are sooo.... excited about joining you for the wedding!!!! We are still not sure about bringing the kids along, but definitely count on Trav and I being there...:).

Lots of hugs & kisses, The Williams

p.s. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys in the meantime!

Gigi, Dan and Alexa - 9 Aug 2006

We look forward to this very special ocassion--YOUR WEDDING! The thought of being at The Balmoral Castle for your wedding sounds very exciting and to witness Geneeh and Martin walk down the aisle sounds like "a fairy tale"--VERY NOBLE AND ARISTOCRATIC! We won’t miss it for anything. We think you are the best couple and so we offer this toast to both of you for making this next big step.


May the good Lord hold you
in the hollow of His hand,
and may He not close his fist
too tightly on you
May The Frost Never
Afflict Your Spuds
Dia’s Muire dhuit


Dani - 10 May 2006

Dear Genevieve & Bridezilla, My heart is heavy as I think of all the kitchenware I won’t be able to give in celebration of your nuptuals, as you already own every bit of it. That’s what you get for inviting me over to use your butane torch on my creme brulee. xoxo, Dani

Johann, Jenny and baby Elin - 9 May 2006

Dear Martin and Genevieve, We wanted to "officially" say congratulations to your engagement and upcoming wedding! We are very happy for you now that you are taking this next step in your lives together. It is truly a special time in ones life to plan and wed (especially oversees!) allowing friends and family to gather in celebration! We are looking forward to visiting Scotland for the first time, we were secretly wishing you would have the wedding there, yay! Congratulations again and we can’t wait to share your special day!

Michelle, Mark, Michael, Ethan, James Hunt - 4 Apr 2006

Congratulations to you both! We received the exciting news from Uncle Terry today. Yes, we are in Perth at the moment, having left Sydney three months ago, with a caravan in tow, destined for the Golden West! 7000kms later, we made it! The downside is that we now have to turn around and go back..grrhhh! For all its challenging moments, however, the journey has also been an enriching and amazing experience for the whole family. Likewise, may your journey through life together be filled with infinite miles of love, amazing experiences, happiness and laughter..!

Fred & Elsie Vidanes - 20 Mar 2006

When Geneeh asked me if she could bring a friend to our home for the holidays in Dec 2001, I thought he must be special. Could this be the man? I know Geneeh would not bring just anybody if he does not mean anthing to her. So when we finally met Martin, I said to myself, yes, but just hold your breath and hope and pray for the best to come. Well, the day came when Martin asked to marry Geneeh. We were very thrilled. Congratulations. We are looking forward to the big day on May 26, 2007 in Scotland. Martin, we are very proud to have you as a member of our family. We love you, both. Love, Mom & Dad

Dr and Mrs. Norberto G. De Guzman - 17 Mar 2006

17 March 2006 Happy St. patty’s Day!

Congratulations! we are very happy that you guys finally set your date for your big,big day. I love you Geneeh and I wish you happiness always, I believed you have found the best guy in town that will make you happy now and forever.

Martin, I welcome you to the family with lots of love. Please take good care of Geneeh, I love Geneeh and I love you too. She was like my own daughter when she was growing up, I took her to our office with Fritz after school. I wish you two happiness and good health always. Tita Lettie and Tito Noli

Tess Hawley - 14 Mar 2006

Congratulations to Martin and Genevieve! This is my 2nd message, because I didn’t see my previous message posted! Anyway, We are ever so thrilled to have "Martino" as our latest and greatest addition to our fast growing Medina Family. Seemed like yesterday when Gen told me about "the guy" Ester and Philip fixed her up with, and now the Medina clan is off to another road trip across the globe. Scotland in May sounds just wonderful. We are there! Much love. You deserve only the best, Genie. We love you both. Tess and William

Uncle Chris - 23 Feb 2006

Congratulations to you both and well done to have planned everything so meticulously and so far in advance. I wish I was that organised ! Verily you must spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Looks like a long walk from the hotel to the church especially in a kilt with the North wind no doubt blowing so I think I’ll wear conventional English dress if you don’t mind. ( That way nobody will notice if one sock is up and the other is down ) Donation to the fund will have to be in cash, used notes, freshly washed - any particular currency required - Turkish lira maybe ?? All the best. Uncle Chris xx

Lisa & Daryl Boots - 12 Feb 2006

Congratulations, marriage is the best way of expressing your love for each other, it is a sacred thing, we wish you both all the luck (because you have to work harder at marriage than you do at anything else in your life, even 40 years later you will still be working at it, but it is worth it!) so good luck and all the best. Love Lisa Daryl Beth Tom and the dog!

Jennifer (Burton) and Joe - 2 Feb 2006

Hi Martin and Genevieve! Congratulations on your engagement. We wish you both happiness and joy for the future xx

P.S. I sympathise with you guys for all the "at last" comments. Joe and I have been together nearly 8 years and the speculation is mounting....;- )

Rika & Karim - 1 Feb 2006

Phew!!! We are so relieved!!! It took you for ever dude. I hope we do not have to wait longer for the puppies. I do not even want to think how much time it’s going to take you to find them a name. All right, First thing first, I am getting ahead of myself. You were the soul witness to my marriage; I sure hope to witness yours. May the gods of love continue to conquer the two of you.

Frank and Brenda Reddy - 23 Jan 2006

Ha Ha! Following in our footsteps eh? Our Wedding in June with two guests at Sudbury Registry Office and Pie and Chips in a nearby restaurant just had to be surpassed didn’t it? Any excuse to get back into that kilt (8;-{)} All the very best to you both - the world can never have enough Mr & Mrs Reddys. xxx

Nanna Pearl Burton - 22 Jan 2006

Dear Martin and Genevieve, so delighted to hear that the date has been fixed at last. Hopefully I will still be fit to travel up to Auld Reekie! Looking forward to it so much. I do wish you both all the love and luck in the world and know the Burton/Reddy family join me.xx

Dad & Coralie - 17 Jan 2006

Hi Son & future daughter - Greetings from OZ- wishing you all the happiness in your lives together (at bloomin’ last) (will travel expenses be included in the (hopeful) invitation??)(only teasing big boy!) Looking at the ’Balmers’ comments - If Mamma Reddy does the catering - Dadda Reddy could possibly arrange the "liquid" refreshments (if the budget is big enough) Oh well,enough of this gay banter, looking forward to seeing you again Son - & Genevieve for the first time. Remember - "nobody expects the spanish inquisition"! believe It and you’ll get by. Byeeeee - Dad xxx & Coralie xxx

Isabel, Seth, Lydia and Joshua - 12 Jan 2006

We are so happy for the both you. I knew my nagging would pay off!! JUST KIDDING!!! You guys are perfect for each other, we knew from the beginning. We love you guys so much and are excited to go to Scotland and witness the nuptuals, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!!!

David, Jennifer & Jack - 11 Jan 2006

Big congratulations to you both from all of us. It may have been a long time coming but remember the best things are worth waiting for. It took us 6 years to get engaged too so we can’t really be too cheeky!! We are of course hoping that Mamma Reddy will have some input to the catering! Looking forward to the big day, lots of purple love,hugs and kisses The Balmers xxx

Philip and Ester - 11 Jan 2006

We were thrilled when you got engaged but so much more so now that we see the day out that’s in store. Definitely a step up from the Nuthouse. Perhaps we should match make professionally. It was all my idea of course, don’t believe anything Philip says. It’s all going to be fantastic!

yi-ching - 10 Jan 2006

congratulations!!!!! and martin, the site is lovely, and i love the cute. good luck with all the planning, and i hope to see you guys soon. much love, y

Ralph, Merle & Cameron - 9 Jan 2006

Many congratulations to both of you. We’re absolutely thrilled for you. I have to lodge one complaint in that your wedding was meant to book my ticket back to San Fran. Look forward to seeing you both there.

Richard, Sarah and Eilidh - 9 Jan 2006

Congratulations to you both, and you’re right it is about time we had another member of the gang married off. Enough of us have suffered, sorry enjoyed, many years of marriage. I had been saving my Airmiles for the eventual date, but I don’t think we’ll fly to Edinburgh !! Anyway, church looks fantastic and the Balmoral is rather posh - in fact it might be too posh for some us old Baird Hallies. Congratulations again to you both Love Richard, Sarah and Eilidh